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Where is my Amazon Shopping Cart?

Amazon’s “Buy Box” function is presented on the website page as “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons. After browsing the product, consumers can use These two buttons directly place an order. The Attorney General Racine revealed in the indictment that Amazon’s shopping cart function is distributed through a complex algorithm that integrates various factors. It does not only consider the best-priced products, but Amazon also considers to further strengthen its dominant position in the online retail market. For example, shopping carts tend to favor sellers who have paid for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to Amazon.

Amazon officially pointed out that if it is found that the offer hurts customer trust, Amazon can cancel the shopping cart, remove the offer, suspend delivery, and even suspend or terminate the sales privilege. Quotation behaviors that hurt customer trust include prices that are significantly higher than recent quotations on Amazon and non-Amazon platforms.

In the anti-monopoly investigation initiated by Amazon, the European Commission also mentioned in November last year that it will study whether the shopping cart function will cause Amazon to preferentially treat its own business and third-party sellers who use Amazon logistics services.

The above-mentioned Amazon seller further disclosed to reporters: "The shopping cart has an impact on sales of about 70% or more. Without a shopping cart, consumers can still buy, but a few more steps are required. On the other hand, after the shopping cart is cancelled, Even if it is corrected in accordance with Amazon's requirements, sometimes the shopping cart may not be able to get back, or it may take a long time to get it back."

The indictment in Washington, D.C. of the United States also mentioned the importance of shopping carts to sales: “For third-party sellers, access to the shopping cart function is very important. 82% of sales are achieved through the shopping cart function. The ratio is even higher on mobile."

(by tiktooky)