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What Is Indexing On Amazon? 1.3

How Do You Get Indexed on Amazon?

The primary method of getting indexed for a keyword is by including the keyword in a data structure. The data structures where you want to put your keyword include:

  • Your title.
  • The bullets.
  • Back-end search terms.
  • Remaining structured data.

Your title and bullets are where you want to put your most important keywords. Repeating keywords is not a ranking factor on Amazon, so only repeat keywords if it is needed for the customer. The remaining structured data are fields like color, fabric type, etc. available in the additional sections of the product detail page. You can edit with a flat-file or using the advanced mode in the product details in Seller Central. There is a Search Terms field in the flat file. This is a great place to put keywords that didn’t fit in your title and bullets or is for an alternative use case that you may not want to highlight on your product detail page.

Amazon has said in the past that A+ (or Enhanced Brand Content) is not indexed. However, that could always change.

Uploading via Flat Files will allow you to quickly see all of your options for additional keywords like fabric type, genre, sizes, etc.

Amazon has not confirmed that customer responses or cross-product traffic relates to keyword indexing. This occurs organically, and it needs to happen over time.

Although keywords are essential for advertising and ranking in search results, you must avoid keyword stuffing. Amazon is customer-obsessed, so you should be, too.