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What Is Indexing On Amazon? 1.2

What Does Being Indexed on Amazon Mean?

With Amazon, you don’t have to worry about schema mark-up, crawl errors, or canonical issues.

Because Amazon asks for you to upload your data in a specific format, the focus shifts from technical SEO to maximizing the structured data you are giving to Amazon so that you can appear as a result for appropriate search terms.

A finite number of words are used for indexing on your listing. You want to make sure that you are using focused keywords to attract potential buyers.

Being indexed means that typing the keyword into the search bar on Amazon will bring up your product somewhere the search results for that query.

Keyword Indexing

You are either indexed for a keyword, or you are not indexed for a keyword. If you are indexed, then your product is in the results; however, if you are not indexed, then your product is not in the search results.

Indexing does not take into account where you appear in the search results.

Keyword Ranking

This refers to where your product appears in the search results. Tracking for a keyword will help you determine where your product comes up in the keyword rankings on Amazon. Your goal when looking at keyword ranking is to improve your ranking for the word or phrases that are relevant to your product.