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TikTok shopping soared by 553% during the epidemic

A new study by the Influenster community under Bazaarvoice shows that TikTok shopping has exploded during the epidemic, increasing by 553% in the past 12 months, almost the third largest increase in shopping on Instagram (189%) and Facebook (160%). Times.

In social e-commerce, Instagram is in a leading position, occupying 64% of consumers in the market, followed by Facebook shopping and Tik Tok shopping with 45% and 24% respectively.

A study of 3,272 British consumers showed that in the past year, the number of people using mobile phones for shopping has increased by 241%, and the number of people shopping on social media has increased by 146%. Social platforms have become the first stop for shoppers to discover products and shop. More than three-quarters of shoppers are more inclined to shop on social platforms.

The rise of short video shopping has become the key to the conversion of major e-commerce companies. Whether it is from the perspective of sellers and platform development, this is a strong trend. Both domestic and foreign are affected by the rise of short video shopping. Therefore, all major e-commerce platforms must be among the development of short video regardless of difficulties and obstacles. However, the current cross-border e-commerce platform is not as mature as domestic development, and the cost of short video and live broadcast is relatively low. Now the cross-border e-commerce association strongly encourages sellers to try short video live broadcast. Support. The soaring downloads of the overseas version of Tik Tok undoubtedly prove that Douyin is occupying the overseas market and is being loved by the public.

With the advent of the 5G era, this year is a stormy year of short video + live broadcast. With the global outbreak, the value of traffic continues to rise to a new height. Brand building cycles are shortened, and the best time for brand marketing creation methods to change. When the cost of overseas short video + live broadcast is relatively low, both companies and sellers must actively try it, which may bring unexpected results. (by tiktooky)