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The History of the Blanket Hoodie

The blanket hoodie was created by a 17-year-old freshman at the University of Maine. Years later, the very popular "Snuggie" was created and sold millions of units. Now there are some seriously amazing blanket hoodies that you can find in this list of some Best Blanket Hoodies.

The purpose behind the invention of the blanket hoodie is to keep the blanket around you no matter if you are sitting down, laying down, or walking to the kitchen to get a snack. Kids love it because they can keep their favorite blanket around them at all times. Parents love it because they can keep their phones, tablets, or snacks in the big front pockets. They are all made with fleece or sherpa-like materials for maximum comfort and warmth.

Which Blanket Hoodie is the Warmest?

While each and every blanket hoodie has its plusses there are a couple of blanket hoodies that are warmer than your average item. These blanket hoodies are known for having the softest plush sherpa materials to keep that warmth tucked in under that very same blanket. The heavier the blanket the warmer it typically will be so weight is something to consider when discussing the warmest. 

When looking to invest in the warmest blanket hoodie in the game, the one that stands out above and beyond the others is the Tiktooky oversized blanket hoodie. Coming complete with two battery packs, this is the hottest item on this list. Two heating sections on the blanket are located on the front by the chest and on the back between the shoulders. If you live in a particularly chilly area come wintertime, this gift will be one of your most prized possessions. It's a great gift for kids and adults and can keep you toasty warm for up to 11 hours on one charge.

The tiktooky blanket hoodie is so warm comfortable you are probably going to forget you are even wearing it. It is so convenient for gaming for long periods of time, no need to ever take it off. The pockets are big enough to hold all of your stuff, phone, tablet, game controller, snacks, and even the remote control so you don't lose it during your binge-watch marathons. You can get this item for adults and children so the whole family can relax in their favorite blanket hoodie.

What Blanket Hoodie is Best for Kids?

There are 21 really great options for blanket hoodies on this list but there are obviously a few that speak to kids more than the others. Whether it is because they have fun and colorful characters or if it is because of the smaller size, either way, these few really stand out for kids. They make for great gifts for the holidays and for birthdays and they will get a ton of use from anybody that receives them. Check out the best blanket hoodies for kids below.

Pokemon has become one of the most popular cartoons and video game franchises in history. There are people old and young that love to try to collect all of the trading cards and toys. Your kids are going to love their new Pokemon-themed blanket hoodie so much that they will wear it day and night. The only time you're going to be able to get it off of them is when it is bath time and that is your chance to toss it in with the rest of the wash and get it cleaned. 

The DC Comics Justice League blanket hoodies are exceptionally cool because they can turn any kid into a real-life superhero. From Superman to Wonder Woman, your kiddo can fly around the living room wearing their favorite blanket. Maybe your kid is a Batman fan? Don't worry, there is a Batman hoodie available as well. Be the hero of next Christmas or their birthday by getting them a blanket that will transform them into their favorite character.

Is your kiddo a sports fan? Do they live to play outside with their friends? Do they have athletes' posters all over the walls in their room? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you have a kid that will LOVE the tiktooky kids special blanket hoodies and will certainly wear them all the time. This blanket hoodie is the perfect companion to a sleepover, to the movies, to a camping trip, or just camping in the backyard. Make sure your kiddo can be warm and cozy at night before and during bedtime.