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The e-commerce year's big promotion campaign kicks off in China now

Coming 6/18/2021 is one of the two major sales seasons for e-commerce in a year. On May 20th, Tmall and JD.com launched the 618 conference on the same day, and at the same time announced the launch of this year’s 618, and both "stretched" the time of this year’s 618 shopping season from May 24 to June 20. , Span nearly a month. Different from the traditional 618, Douyin has also joined the battlefield this time, and will compete fiercely with traditional e-commerce. Due to the impact of the epidemic, online live streaming has rapidly become popular, and Douyin is one of the largest platforms for live streaming. TikTok has fully opened its e-commerce function last year. This year, in order to allow businesses, talents, and organizations to seize the 618 business opportunity, it also launched a combat guide.

According to the 47th "Statistical Report on China's Internet Development Status" released by the China Internet Network Information Center, as of December 2020, the number of Internet users in my country has reached nearly 1 billion, and the number of online shopping users has reached 782 million. At the same time, "2021 China Social and Content Trends" shows that social marketing will resume high growth in 2021. It is estimated that the overall marketing growth rate in 2021 will be 17%, and the social marketing growth rate will be close to 20%. Among them, the attention of short videos continues to rise, the popularity of celebrity promotion continues, and private domain operations are also receiving high attention. (by tiktooky)

To sum up, the mid-year big promotion is coming soon, Saturday (002291), Worth Buying (300785), Tianxia Show (600556) and other celebrity new economic leaders are worthy of attention.