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The blockade is just foreplay, Amazon has made big moves one after another

Entering May, the cross-border circle is in turmoil. Several top-selling super-seller accounts in Shenzhen have been blocked one after another. Sellers with hundreds of millions of dollars will not escape being executed. They have not returned to normal. There are different opinions about the reasons for this. For a time, all the sellers of large, medium and small are silent, and everyone is in danger, saying that the melon is not delicious and finally eaten to their own heads.

At the same time, Amazon has offered a new "big move" for sellers who violate the rules of the platform...


Heavy! Scandal "scandal" exposed

More than 50,000 comments were deleted...

Along with the blockade of the big seller account, another "swipe order" scandal was also made public.

Safety Detectives, a foreign network security research organization, recently exposed an open ElasticSearch database. It was surprisingly found that there are more than 1,300W pieces of information exchanged between Amazon sellers and consumers willing to provide false reviews in exchange for free products, and the data package is up to 7GB. The number of buyers and sellers involved is about 200,000 . It is reported that more than 75,000 accounts involved will face severe punishment from Amazon.

Although there is no direct causal relationship between the above incident and Amazon's severe punishment of big seller accounts before, it was undoubtedly added fuel to the fire when a domestic big seller forced foreign buyers to obtain praise and was exposed. In addition, many foreign media are rushing to report on the scandal, and public opinion has intensified. In order to maintain its image and stabilize its stock price, Amazon has to kill chickens and wary monkeys. Judging from the latest news, it is only foreplay that the banning involved in the big sale is just foreplay, and Amazon's stricter disciplinary measures have come!

According to Marketplace Pulse on May 11, Amazon has suspended more than a dozen Chinese sellers due to participating in false reviews, and the total sales of suspended sellers exceeded 1 billion US dollars . Two of the major electronic product brands (M***, A****) that are selling well have not escaped the fate of being sanctioned by Amazon. While suspending sales, Amazon is also conducting a large-scale deletion of reviews.

According to the survey, the best-selling wireless headset of the brand M*** dropped from more than 66,000 reviews to 14,000 reviews, with more than 50,000 deleted reviews . You can also see from the picture below that the brand’s recent reviews The sudden decline in the number shows that Amazon's determination to punish this time.

The picture is from the Marketplace Pulse report

Amazon's large-scale crackdown on false reviews and aggressive remediation of sales that violate platform rules seems to be just a prelude. The follow-up actions have not stopped, and the methods are so cruel that all the sellers have their hearts in their throats.

Amazon's current limit big move hits

Manipulating Review is warned

Amazon's water is too deep, and the "scanning scandal" has caused a wave of waves. The small sellers that were originally among the people who eat melon have also been affected. Perhaps Amazon was also surprised by these heavy "scandals". After the punishment, the big sellers began to provoke small sellers.

Who's the winner of this wave? (by tiktooky)