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The Best Hoodies to Wear Whenever and Wherever You Want


Aaah, Talking about the hoodie. Do you like blanket hoodie? Oversized hoodie? Hoodie gift box? The tried-and-true streetwear stalwart long since co-opted by the same luxury houses that once scorned its casualness, its very existence. Sweet hoodie, how we wronged thee! Don't feel too bad for the hoodie, though. As streetwear slowly became the dominant force moving fashion forward, the hoodie was elevated to lofty heights, routinely sent down the catwalk like a slightly cozier version of couture. See, designers realized they could entice customers who might not be able to afford the stratospherically high cost of some couture-level creation by slapping a logo on a product they'll actually want to wear and calling it a day. And today, hoodies of all types are everywhere.

The thing about the humble hooded sweatshirt is that, at this point, it ain't all that humble. Now a star player in the big leagues with the world at its fingertips, the hoodie's developed a bit of an ego. It doesn't see any reason why it can't go on playing forever, and its fanbase seems to get bigger and bigger every day. Don't get it twisted: The hoodie is still putting up stellar numbers. But the scrappiness that defined the earlier stages of its career—built on the backs of skaters and countercultural types —isn't as present as it used to be. It hears talk of streetwear's impending demise, or the rise of casual tailoring, and scoffs, feeling protected by its prestige status and relatively approachable price-point. The hoodie, it thinks to itself, isn't going anywhere.

Guess what? It's not wrong. Because today you can buy a hoodie for $50 or $500 (and at practically every price in between) and people still can't get enough of 'em. Typically made from french terry or super-soft, plush fleece, the hoodie—in zip-up or pullover form—is the article of clothing to beat this season and, if we're being honest, every one going forward. From breathable, workout-oriented options done up in the best technical fabrics on the market to beefy, ultra-comfortable takes ready-made for serious lounging, there's a hoodie out there for everyone.

In other words: It's the hoodie's world, and we're all living in it. The sooner you reconcile yourself to that reality, the sooner you can move on (and then cop yourself as many dope hoodies as you possibly can). So why not hop on board the bandwagon? It's a hell of a time to be a fan.