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Story of Tiktooky Blanket Hoodie

"Incredibly Soft" "It's light weight" "Everyone in my family has one now!" "so warm and soft!" "I wear it all the time around the house"  "perfect gift from my husband" “Super soft and cozy, it feels like you're wearing a warm cloud of air”

For all those who absolutely love that warm cozy feeling of a soft blanket, kill the chill today with our comfy hoodies. This oversized wearable blanket hoodie is longer than the competition, allowing you to snuggle up close with your knees inside!  Your hunt for the perfect blanket hoodie is finally over.  Life is just better with a soft warm blanket to snuggle in.

FOR THOSE WHO LOVE TO BE COZY - Get warm and comfortable right away by easily slipping on your wearable blanket hoodie.

CAN'T SHAKE THAT COLD FEELING?   We understand how frustrating it can be to feel chilled all the time when all you want to do is relax.  Feel warm fast with our ultra soft sweater blanket.  You can leave your thermostat alone but feel oh so good at the same time.

THE TIKTOOKY COMFY PLAN - Get cozy in three easy steps... 1 - order your blanket sweatshirt 2 - when the chill hits you, get snuggling! 3 - enjoy the warmth and relax.

ORDER TODAY -  You will absolutely love it!  Many of our customers say they wear it all the time. get your one-size-fits-all cozy blanket sweater and turn those chilly moments to wonderful memories.

BE HAPPY AND RESTED -  That uncomfortable feeling tends to make us a little bit cranky and unrested.  Get the tools you need to stay calm, happy and at peace.