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(by tiktooky) With the blooming of online business, do you know some mega warehouses in the world? 

From manufacturing to distribution, the need for massive commercial facilities continues to grow. Led in part by changes in consumer habits, where goods are expected to be readily available and delivered quickly, it’s perhaps no wonder that mega sized warehouses are required to accommodate the operations of some of the world’s largest companies.

Whatever the size of a business, suitable warehouse space is often one of the most vital commodities; ensuring that goods can be produced efficiently and supply chains can run smoothly. For this reason, warehousing is one of the most crucial aspects to get right on any level.

When it comes to the largest in the world, it can be difficult to grasp the immense scale of some of these buildings without seeing them for yourself. Landmarks such as the Eiffel tower, Big Ben and the Burj Khalifa could be swallowed up many times over by the sheer volume in these spaces.

Updated from our previous list of the 14 largest warehouses in the world, there are a number of new entries as the size of warehousing around the world continues to grow. 

So let’s take a look at what are considered to be some of the largest warehouses in the world.

1. Tesla Gigafactory 1
Size: 5.3 million ft2 / 492,000 m2
Location: Nevada, USA

2. Boeing Everett Factory
Size: 4.3 million ft2 / 398,000 m2
Location: Washington, USA

3. Amazon MQY1 Fulfilment Centre
Size: 3.6 million ft2 / 334,000 m2
Location: Tennessee, USA

4. Volkswagen Wolfsburg
Size: 3.2 million ft2 / 297,000 m2
Location: Wolfsburg, Germany