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How to Sell Products Using Google Shopping 3

3. Start Selling Your Products

Start selling products by creating an ad campaign. Create your ad group, give it a name, and add your products. You can then alter and create groups and generate a product feed with different identifiers, such as the brand, price, availability, and description of your product.

Although, if you want to drive your products to the next level, you'll need to follow tried-and-true methods. Here are some common best practices to use when selling on Google Shopping:

  • Make your product data and pricing clear. Give shoppers the correct expectations with transparent prices and product information. For instance, use single product images for single products instead of bundles. Also, identify pricing per product so shoppers aren't confused.
  • Segment your campaigns. Niche products often have the ability to drive higher conversion rates than if you bundle all of your products in one Google Shopping feed. Without segmenting your products, a popular search term can take up the majority of your daily budget. Instead, consider segmenting your products by different categories, such as price and seasonality.
  • Think about UX. Make it easy for shoppers to navigate through your landing page so they find your products easily.