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Best Fleece Jackets for Women of 2021

(by tiktooky) This beautiful 2021 update shows off 10 of the market's top picks. Our lady explorers have tested over 45 of the market's best fleece jackets over the last 8 years. We've worn these jackets while scaling 1000-foot cliffs, sailing cold oceans, camping on long-distance hikes, hanging around the house, and skiing steep slopes. With years of experience and rigorous field testing, we offer our recommendations so you can be confident in your purchases.

The Patagonia R1 Hoody continues to be our favorite for its stand-out all-around performance. This hoody is fashionable enough to be worn casually and technical enough for any mission outside. Soft on the skin, the outer layer is made of durable fabrics that'll layer easily underneath other layers. As a classic for long trips, it doesn't retain smells even after being unwashed for a week or so (trust us, we've tried it!). It is thin, fitted, and stretchy, with excellent mobility and room through the arms for layering. The colors are gush-worthy, and versatility is hard to beat. resistant is the fleece we reach for every time and is still our favorite after years in the running.

This hoody is near perfect with just a couple of caveats. While many of our testers love the grid-like look, the exterior may not be a favorite for others. While the fabric offers some water resistance and will stave off a mist, it won't keep you dry in light rain. For wear any other time as a midlayer, this is the most versatile option we've tested. We believe this is a staple that should reside in every adventurer's closet.

The Outdoor Vigor Full Zip Hoody is a technical fleece at an excellent price. The fabrics are stretchy and mobile, with enough length through the arms and torso to fit even the longest of torsos. We love the paneled design that locks in heat around the core but vents through the back, sides, and arms of the body for optimal thermoregulation. The pockets are plentiful and huge with storage large enough for your chia bread vegan sandwiches. This is the jacket we reach for when winter running, cross country skiing, and heading into the backcountry. It's breathable and will layer easily, with a fit that's stretchy, long, and true.

This jacket is built for speed and doesn't offer the best stand-alone warmth, nor is the exterior shell water-resistant. This is a wonderful option for any person seeking a thinner, mobile jacket that appreciates a solid deal and a longer fit.