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Amazon's sales have plunged, and the price war pulls the entire category into a loss

Many Amazon sellers reported that the advertisements burned badly but the order volume dropped significantly, which was very confusing; many new sellers entered the market and began to fight at low prices without saying anything. The price war within the category intensified, and the old sellers angered. It "does charity, triggers peer review."

In addition to the price war, sellers also face exchange losses. Since April, the U.S. dollar exchange rate has begun a new wave of decline. Today, the lowest exchange rate of the US dollar against the onshore renminbi hit 6.4061, and the lowest offshore renminbi has fallen into the 6.3 range, and sellers are beginning to fidget.

Bug sequelae? Sales of multiple Amazon sellers have plunged

In recent days, many sellers have reported that the number of orders has been decreasing, and even some sellers’ sales have dropped by more than half. What is going on?

A seller said that since the system BUG, ​​sales have been declining, and the sales volume today is only one-third of the original. Knowing all the above, many sellers said that the sales volume fell at the same time:

"The whole company is in a downturn, crying, what the hell is going on, relatively stable products have begun to decline"

"The same bleak, only one-third of the original orders were issued, and the number of visitors dropped drastically."

"Doing the home&kitchen category means that the single volume falls off a cliff, but the keyword ranking is still on the first page."

"This month's sales are half the previous month..."

Regarding the recent deterioration in sales, some sellers consider the sequelae of the bug, because the sharp decline in sales started after the 20th; another possible reason is that buyers are accumulating energy to prepare for Prime Day. A seller tried to optimize but it was not ideal: "The sales of the store suddenly deteriorated, and it dropped by half. After all the optimizations have been done, there is still no splash. Looking at the sales data, it is very panic."

According to feedback from some sellers, this wave of sales decline has already started in April, and it fell even worse in May. The order decline depends on whether it is being sold. A seller said: “Thinking that the traffic on the Amazon platform has deteriorated, but I did not expect that it was being sold, so I went to the service provider to deal with it immediately.”

Some sellers have experienced a sharp decline in sales, while other sellers have seen a sharp increase in sales, even showing signs of a small explosion. It depends on factors such as whether the products are seasonal products and product operations. But one thing is certain, fierce price wars are taking away orders from high-priced sellers. (by Tiktooky)