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Amazon's risk of getting into antitrust lawsuits intensifies

With more U.S. state attorneys launch investigations on Amazon, people familiar with the matter said that the attorneys general of Massachusetts and Pennsylvania are investigating Amazon's potential antitrust violations, thereby joining the ranks of California, New York, Washington and the Federal Trade Commission.

More and more states have launched investigations - including a lawsuit filed in Washington, DC on Tuesday - suggesting that the e-commerce giant will face multiple legal battles in the coming months.

Massachusetts and Pennsylvania officials are discussing with the attorneys general of New York and California how to split the work. Insiders said that the attorney general's office in Washington State, where Amazon is headquartered, has already cooperated with California.

An insider said that the ultimate goal is to create a viable antitrust case against the world's largest online retailer. One of the people familiar with the matter said that the Connecticut Attorney General has also recently begun to study Amazon’s business practices.

The attorneys general of Connecticut, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania declined to comment. (by tiktooky)