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Amazon speaks once again: Treat titles with caution, and strive to build a fair operating environment

Recently, the frequent banning of big sellers has made a lot of noise in the cross-border circle, and all kinds of heavyweights have been exploded: several Shenzhen top big sellers have consecutive Amazon account abnormalities, and as many as 16 star brand products have been removed in large numbers , Has not recovered so far...

After repeated violent attacks, Amazon sellers gradually changed from their initial mentality of looking at the excitement to anxiety and even panic. Everyone always feels that the title action is like a sword hanging over the head, and I don't know when it will fall.

Coupled with the international economic downturn, some people can't help but wonder: Is the "winter" of cross-border e-commerce coming? There are even more people discussing various ways out in the WeChat group.

Just as people in the cross-border circle were panicking, Amazon officially responded again and released the " Letter to All Amazon Sellers " In the letter, Amazon has repeatedly emphasized the resolute management of non-compliant operations, the attitude of never condoning review behavior, and the determination to build a fair and healthy operating environment. At the same time, it also said: Be cautious about the title.

It's just that sellers should not take a fluke after seeing the so-called "relaxation" signal, and once again carry out a small action with no lower limit. Because, as Amazon said, advanced machine learning and professional manual review will be used in future screenings. Perhaps sellers may unknowingly become Amazon’s "key care" when they are complacent about their hidden review behavior . Object.

It can be said that in the future battlefield of Amazon's cross-border e-commerce, store operation capabilities are the core competitiveness of sellers. If you want to truly win the praise of consumers, in addition to improving inventory management and after-sales service , you must also work harder on product selection . (by tiktooky)