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Amazon releases 2021 U.S. bestseller list

After an unprecedented year, many Americans are adapting to the pace of life after gradually opening up, and shopping habits have changed accordingly. According to the latest shopping data released by Amazon, in 2020, consumers will increase their purchases of puzzles, garden tools, cooking utensils, earphones, exercise bikes and other products to help them stay healthy and happy at home; in 2021, Americans are welcoming more A year of socialization, as face-to-face gatherings began to increase again, people's interest in entertainment-related items, beauty products, and formal wear increased . Amazon has collected sales data in 2021, and American consumers have shown a different shopping tendency than in 2020.

Summer entertainment, weddings and events are the things people care about most

Customers are dressing up for new occasions and preparing for interaction without masks

Sports and leisure products are still selling well

Travel is the top priority